Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer time - are you ready for vacation?

Are you ready for vacation?
Do you want to have a niceee loong holiday?

Wel this depends on the family budgets.

If you want you can go to the page, you can go to some mountain tourism, you can just visit the grandpas.

Anyway - the whole point of making money is to spend them. And what makes us more happy then spanding money on some good holiday after long investents in the bank for an year? Ofcourse - the holiday :)

Where are you going to invest next?

What do you thing: real estate or online onvestemnts are worth the shot?

There days no one can tell. The online bussines is so fast, so booming that no one can really predict next 1 year so this is a problem for long term investments.

How can you insure your profits in long time like 10 years or so?

Maybe it's just better to do a little bit of everything: some real estate, some new bussines, some online, get a new insrance, save some money, invest in bangs.

Even if something burns up you will have alternative, right?