Friday, August 5, 2011

Are all the money in the world enough?

Are all the money in the world enough for a lifetime full of whatever you want?
I think not.

Everything changes it's value so fast.
There was the Pentium, Pentium 2 on 400 mhz, Pentium 3 on 800 mhz, Pentium 4 on 1.8 ghz...
Then came the dual core, quad core,  eight core processors, what about sexteen cores?
And all these in just less then 20 years.

Just imagine what will be the diferences in more then 50 years?
A person just can't imagine what will come in that much time.

Everything loses it's value over time. Because a new, a better will come to pass.

And yes, you were thinking it the whole time you read this post. The only think that stays the same and doesn't change over a life time - the only think that doesn't lose it's vallue... the family.

So do you value your family? Tell the person netx to you that you love him, because he will continue supporting you the every way he can't.


  1. Your english isnt the best, but you lay down some good arguments!

  2. Thanks mate :)
    I am working on my english right now.

    And this is the beauty of the internet - we may be from diferent countries but we still have the same family budget issues all over the world.

  3. Family is just another type relationship but one were you are "forced" to spend time with them.
    Like any human being they come is all forms, some will be your friends others will pretend to be so, some might even back-stab.
    I'm not saying family is bad, just that no one is perfect there for neither are families.

  4. I believe there is a certain "law" predicting that chips will go twice as fast every subsequent year. Can't stop technology :)

  5. @GHIVE you can choose your friends, but you can not choose your family.

    And I agree with you - some times family is pain in the ass... and even if they are your blood sometimes they are not even frendly.