Monday, September 12, 2011

Save Money On Gas By How You Drive

You can save money on gas just by changing how you drive. Give some of these tips a try to improve your car’s gas mileage.

How you drive your car can determine how much money you will spend on gas as well. Here are some tips on driving your car as a way to save money on gas:
* If you have a standard transmission you should always drive in the highest gear possible. You need not keep switching.
* In many cars its gas efficiency will go down by 10% if you have the air conditioner running while you are moving. If you have a lower temperature setting on you’re A/C, use it. Turn it on until the car gets cooled down and then turn it off and let the fan circulate the cool air around instead. You should never run your AC with your windows open either.
When it comes to cars that were built after 1990 you don’t need to warm your car up in the morning. I would suggest that you drive the car gently in the first 5 minutes. The engine actually warms up better if it is driving instead of idling in your driveway.
* Driving the speed limit will help you out a little as well. Maybe by as much as 10%.
* Accelerate slowly when you are leaving the stop light. You are not in a race with the driver in the lane next to you. The fastest person through the intersection just gets to spend more money on gas. If you follow the tip for early shifting up, you won’t be accelerating all that much anyway.
* Try buying 87 octane gasoline which is regular. Read your car manual. Some vehicles are advertised telling you to use premium gasoline, but the owner’s manual actually says that 87 is fine.
* Turn the engine off when you’re stuck at a light or waiting for a train to pass and when you expect not to move for a few minutes. When the engine is idling and not moving, you end up with 0 mpg.
* Revving the engine is a huge waste of time and gas as well. Unless there is a mechanical problem with your car, there is no need to bother doing this before you turn your vehicle off. Consider fixing the actual problem instead before it turns into a more expensive problem later on.


  1. Cool post.
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  2. I love revving my engine. Fuel economy be damned.

  3. Really nice tips, only problem is getting a car =\

  4. hm.. I must check it :P thx for info :)

  5. The thing is that eco driving will make you look like a woman.

  6. thanks but speeding is way to much fun :P

  7. Speeding makes me have fun on the roads whats a couple extra dollars