Friday, September 30, 2011

Saving Gas With A Hybrid SUV

If you have to have a suv, consider getting a hybrid suv to save gas. By using alternative forms of energy, you can cut down on the money you have to spend on gas to fill up the huge suv tank.

Despite the huge rise in fuel costs thanks to the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina, people still need and insist on keeping the versatility that they can get with sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Kids sometimes have to take the ferry to school and soccer practice, the dogs still insist on going to the vet or the groomers, and we still have to make our weekly trips to the grocery store just to stay alive and content. Minivans, although they are extremely useful, do not have the style of most SUVs, and sedans, even though they generally are more fuel-efficient. They just can’t duplicate the commanding view of the road that oyu can get form your SUV.

You can get an SUV in a hybrid make as well. Hybrid power trains, which are available in sedans and small cars for the past several years, will soon be widely available in SUVs as well. Ford was the first manufacturer to introduce such an awesome vehicle to the market, For example the Ford Escape Hybrid, but other manufacturers are running closely behind them.

The Choices that will eventually be available will include the Saturn VUE with BAS (Belt Alternator Starter Hybrid System), Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the Lexus RX 400h, a hybrid Mazda Tribute and we all know that everyone else will follow. While hybrid alternative vehicles can now offer a substantial jump in fuel economy, they also require a similar jump in price just to be able to cover the cost of developing this new technology. That’s something that you really need to think about when evaluating overall ownership costs.

In addition to hybrids, there are other cost effective SUVs on the market that can really help to make the high price of gas more tolerable, but as with everything else these days, there are certain concessions that have to be taken into consideration. The most economical vehicles tend to be smaller or midsize, with either front or two wheel drive and they feature the smaller engine that has less horsepower, four cylinders instead of six which also have standard as opposed to automatic transmissions. As the list of standard and optional items for the car gets bigger, fuel mileage will also decrease.

When you start using the most current EPA data, you can easily learn that there is a list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs that are on the market. If you also start considering base sticker price and cargo capacity you just get a good deal. If you want to make a quick comparison between the two of them, fuel mileage for all or four wheel drive is also provided. Your behavior while driving will also play a huge role in this as well. So do not think that these ideas are set in stone.


  1. gas 95 here :(
    i wish i had a Hybrid

  2. Great blog man +follow

  3. i see thats a very good way of caring for the planet =3

  4. Agreed. If you're going to do something at least try to think about the environment.

  5. Hybrid engines have come a long way, they are now a very viable choice and much cheaper in the long run.