Monday, September 26, 2011

Save On Gas With A Clean Fuel System

It is worth the cost to clean your fuel system because of the gas you will be saving. Improve your gas mileage and save on gas with a clean fuel system.

When it comes to saving money on your fuel, part of that is regular car maintenance. After all, a car that is suffering from major problems is going to cost you far more than just the cost of gas. For regular engine maintenance which can actually save you much cash on gas, many mechanics recommend that you begin using a quality fuel additive such as a fuel systems cleaner. The reason for this is that there are harsh impurities in gasoline that, if left on their own without treatment, can cause build-up and gum residue to form in the fuel system. These deposits can really cause a problem for the injectors, intake valves, and nearly every part of the fuel system as well.

Fuel systems cleaners are a strong product that can both clean up the deposits in the fuel system as well as prevent them from forming again in the future. If you have been running untreated gasoline though your car’s engine, there may already be residue building up on the inside of your car. If you do this by mixing 12 oz. or so of fuel systems cleaner with 12 gallons (full tank)of gas you should be able to remove any current deposits that have formed in your fuel lines or valves.
Fuel conditioners can also keep residue from forming in your car’s fuel system. Good fuel conditioners, or fuel stabilizers, will also help to prevent varnish or gum from building up in the engine, and remove any moisture that may have developed from condensation. This will defiantly help to make fuel stabilizers are a popular product for effectively winterizing your boat too.

There are many different manufactures of fuel systems cleaner available today. Online forums often have reviews of various fuel additives. Some of the most popular fuel cleaners out there are  those from Quaker state, Valvoline, and Mobile. These are some of the better ones. I often use STP in my car’s fuel system and I always add it when the car is filled with gas.

Fuel injector cleaners are a great way to help slow down your car’s gas guzzling. Some people will tell you that it does nothing, but experience tells me that they are wrong. It also helps to make your engine run more quietly too. Other additives to your fuel system can not just keep the gas tank clean from resin but it can also help to keep things like the engine itself clean as well. Some of these products run through your engine and help your pistons etc. I love modern mechanical ingenuity. It is all geared toward saving me time and money!


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